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really deep addiction quotes

“Reaching our purpose in life is a journey, not an event.” Many people depended on a substance find that adding a spiritual component to their addiction recovery plan is a key to long-term success. There are some spiritual recovery programs to overcome an addiction that are overtly religious.

Here are some Tips to Beat Addiction, follow the steps and start your new journey.

“Spiritual practice is the foundation of our happiness. It guides us in times of turmoil and grounds us in times of joy.”

The simplest way to explain practice is to describe the hierarchy of connections, for these we have to analyze three different environments;


The fear of missing out, the feeling of grass is greener on other side and living a life out of balance are all symptoms of unhappiness inside ourselves which leads to the first stage of addiction.


 Analysing the outside world and thinking according to that, since the majority of our time is spent connecting to the world- networking, relationship, handling work.


Those who are voyaging within can feel the depression or suffer battling with themselves, as a part of being depressed, by getting their lack of direction. There are some forces above our decision making the power that is The God, It is our relationship with something higher than us that guides us through a situation.

“We should deal with each other sensitively, the attitude towards life shows how we act in our relationship.”

We have to understand ourselves to be able to compete with ourselves. What are our tendencies? What do we like? What we don’t like? What are the repercussions? Of acting in a particular situation. This process of inquiry begins our journey to Self-Discovery.

“Sometimes the warrior feels as if he were living two lives at once… there is a bridge that links with what I do with what I would like to do.”-Paulo Coelho

Discovering our purpose is exciting, just as opening a gift, gives the feeling of anticipation and joy.

“What drives people is not the conviction in their mind but the motivation and inspiration in their hearts.”

Ever just walked a road and suddenly met a person who is just a stranger to you but tells you something worthy? Some people are wisdom holders and their words are true to tell you how to live a self – motivated life. That inspiration should forever be engraved inside your hearts.

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