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The only problem with addiction is it is not a moral issue it is a life issue as it makes you incapable in so many ways.

Everyone may have a different connotation. First, let us discuss what is an  addiction? It is a habit, from keeping a daily habit of writing a diary, or smoking a cigar, walking early in the morning or gambling; from good to bad; any activity repeated daily that becomes a part of your continuous habit and later on for life can be termed as addiction.

HOW ADDICTION WORKS? How To Overcome Drug Addiction

· The Addict Has A Feeling and You Can Easily Give up Drug Addiction

A feel for good or bad. A good feeling will lead the person to celebrate. If they are dependent on food, they will celebrate by eating. An alcoholic will have a glass of drink.

· The Continues Dependency On A Material Or A Habit.

 To be human essentially means that though we have our instincts, though we have our needs, a human being is capable of employing his mind in such a way, that he can go far beyond his needs and compulsive behavior.

· Being Dependent On Substances Various Other Aspects Of Life.

In today’s world, humanity suffers from various kinds of issues of compulsive behavior, these dependency and compulsive behaviors, which can lead to psychological pits like depression, manic depression, all these things – essentially, what it means is, in some way, we are not able to make use of the discretionary dimension of who we are.

Then later on these activities becomes cravings while you don’t perform them you crave for them and it creates a sudden urge to perform that activity which if not stopped continues lifelong.


The Paradox is that addiction is difficult to overcome, it is not the addiction that is the difficulty; it is the addict’s perception of their dependency that is the real challenge. If the perception changed, the addiction could be overcome with relative ease. It is all inside your subconscious mind whether to stick on to a thing or let it go. Even Good habits can be determinable addiction.

· Accept Yourself As Who You Are To Fight Drug Addiction

Taking a basic example, I have not done homework so I should skip my classes, addiction to negligence; I am not that social, will the society accept me? Addiction to low self-esteem; I don’t want to miss a text, addiction to social media or texts

We all suffer from some kind of compulsion at times good or bad, the percentage of good should always be more than that of bad. How not to let your self- esteem degrade is the real question here. If you train your mind to be self-aware of the things going in your life and not to suffer from any miss happening from them can help you not to become an addict. Addiction Recovery Quotes has a positive effect on the mind and can help you achieve the relaxation and ease you from your sufferings.

· Face Your Fear Against Drug Addiction

The fact of being dependent on a substance or activity is challenging to overcome because for that you have to restore your happiness, anxiety, and peace to achieve a sublime stage by facing your fears. Unlike other creatures, a human being can employ his discretionary mind in such powerful ways, that he can even go beyond his fundamental needs of life.

· Tolerance Is The Key Against Drug Addiction

It is understood that at some stage of your life, it is hard to tolerate the environment around you for instance there might be a co-worker whose attitude is not acceptable according to your terms, you start creating a different notion about him in your mind and later on it becomes your habit to hate him even if he is good at times, so the power of tolerance should be there to cooperate to make a healthy work relationship.

Sometimes it takes a process of persistence and tough love for someone to overcome the addiction they are battling with. To let yourself live a positive, happy, balanced life it is mandatory to get through the dependency on substances or any other sort of addictive habit. A self of pleasantness, if there is no pleasantness they might not go that way, even in spite of threat people do attach whatever the consequence may be, A question of morality but it’s a question of life itself.

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