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It seems that while whatever doesn’t kill you might not necessarily make you stronger.

With the understanding that they might never be the same as they were before the trauma, but they can still be fit and happy.

In a way, psychology helps patients ask themselves. To conquer addiction, ultimately one has to be mentally stable enough to harness the traumatic effects.


Trauma comes in many different forms and sometimes it can be friends with you. When it comes as nightmares, flashbacks, avoidance, fear, guilt, anxiety, rage, insomnia, and begins to interfere with your mind functionality it becomes to be known as post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. How do you treat them, so that the addict can recover?

·        Witnessing a traumatic event.

 One of these clusters involves

1) Re-living the trauma through memories, bad dreams or flashbacks.

2) The second involves Avoiding the situations you have witnessed while the.

3) Third describes excessive physiological excitement like heart pounding, muscle tension, anxiety or panic, and major problems like insomnia and chaos.

4)The fourth major symptom cluster: pervasive negative changes in emotions and thinking, like excessive guilt, fear, or shame — or no longer getting enjoyment out of what you used to.

  • Knowing how anxiety or mood disorders can affect a person’s ability to  function

Addiction and trauma can go hand in hand, When any of these disorders are left untreated suffers may start to feel desperate to find some way to cope and one way may be substance abuse. It can be a sort of moral injury as said by clinical psychologists.

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· Some people may experience positive change after a traumatic event.

If there’s any silver lining to all of this, many victims of trauma try to cope through what is colloquially called self-medicating and some can end up with substance abuse or dependence issues. Clinical define addiction or dependence as compulsive, excessive and difficult to be treated thing or initially pleasurable behavior that starts to interfere with ordinary life, work, health, or relationships. People with addictions may not even realize what they behave like and they react to a situation.

·        We’re amazingly resilient creatures.

When nurtured with the proper support and practice, we can overcome a lot. People with addiction can sometimes be stigmatized for various reasons they have been prevented from coping in other ways or maybe they just never learned how. So in this way addiction, it is often secondary to the more complicated matter of how a person deals with stress and difficult emotions. So people respond in a different way to different drugs and behavior. Many people can drink or gamble while losing control others may not.

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