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Julie was a young colleague in a fashion company. This was her first dream job of working in the fashion sector and she was pretty happy. She adjusted to the work culture soon and to get recognized in the social life of office she adjusted herself. Long hours of work would often end with a cigarette or two with her colleagues at the roof so that she won’t miss any important conversation; she started developing a smoking habit.

Soon, the occasional smoking sessions became regular as it made her feel happy and relaxed. Slowly, she got addicted. This struggle with addiction made her reluctant to smoke a cigarette to relieve her tense muscles and get acknowledgment by the superiors. As the work pressure increased, she became a chain smoker. This resulted in absences of mind, unpleasant work relations, and absence from work and the day came when she was fired. Her addiction took her the job she which was proud of.

Signs That Shows You Are Gradually Turning Into An    Addict.

Do You Suffer From Withdrawal Symptoms?

An addict becomes so much piled up with their addiction that any kind of outing, or gathering doesn’t excite them, they try to ignore the social and be on their own. Addiction Recovery Quotes can make them positive and battle-ready. They will start fighting addiction as soon as possible.

Are You Are Still Continuing an Addiction despite Negative Effects?

When an addiction takes over, the affected person has the inner call to ignore the warning signals and continue pursuing the substance or a habit regardless of the impact it might have on physical and psychological health, relationships or job.

Do You Have No Power To Stop Yourself?

“Only One More Day”

Addiction can be so controlling that despite the best of efforts, a person is just not able to quit or get rid off. He loses self-control and power to analyze the difference between a good or bad, continue to follow the bad path, knowingly it is bad.

Does Your Risk-Taking Capabilities Increases?

People get addicted to something because the experience is far away from reality. Addiction is usually to substances. An addicted brain has a habit to take risks. Under the influence of any addiction type, one might lose his or her control behaviour wise.

An Addict will do whatever he wants to no matter what the consequences might be.

Is Your Excuse Making Tendency Increased?

When a person develops an addiction, his/her life becomes a mesh of lies and excuses. When friends and loved ones express concern, he/she may resort to all the means to evade them and shut himself/herself in their world.

Like Julie, many of us develop liking for something that causes more harm than benefit. One could be addicted to alcohol, drugs, and books, video games, gambling or even shopping. And when the matter goes out of hand, a person has to be encouraged to seek help from and a rehab center where she can get treated properly.

Rehab-quotes.online believes in spreading positivity and motivation in these tough times. If you read our quotes and if they motivate you in any way, then our objective is fulfilled. Have a safe journey

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