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Most of the people think addiction is a disease and people who are addicts are not accepted in society. It is a matter of huge concern the people battling addiction because of the feeling of hopelessness, and despair they undergo.

quotes for someone who has struggled with addiction

Being an extrovert, I have been addicted to my mobile phone and all the social networking sites in it. Any pop-up or a ping on my phone use to excite me and there was a sudden urge to check what’s inside the information it and what has been going on in the outside world. To keep myself updated with my friend’s this habit, later on, became an addiction and my life took a sudden change when without my phone in wasn’t able to work and think.

We all have some kind of addiction, books, coffees, substance anything. Excess Of anything is considered to be bad. The road to recovery is not an easy one, it has several stages. But as an individual, we can take several steps to make the journey worth living. Moreover, We can also make this journey easier by sharing Addiction Recovery Quotes to our Loved Ones.

·        Trust Your Own Beliefs

When you can’t manage yourself, how can you expect to manage others, similarly if you can’t manage your inner world how can you control the outer world? Being anxious is natural and today there is enough medical to prove that if you are not at a pleasant place of mine, your body and mind won’t work at its best.

·        Self – Aware Program

The Self-aware program, which is the ultimate self-help to believe that choosing the and facility is based on your own beliefs, your needs and requirements, the expertise of the treatment service, the focus of treatment and your likes and dislikes. I have seen many people go through a treatment service and come out worse than before they started rehabilitation.

How many of us have had a 24 hours stretch, where you don’t have a single moment of hesitating, anger, anxiety, have any? Very few people can assay yes to this. If your body and mind took instructions from you, how would it be? Pleasant or unpleasant.

Why? Because they did not take the time to look at what they needed and what the service provided.


·        Living In Rehabilitation Centers.

If not self-help then seeking help from rehab centers that are established to help you overcome addiction.

This will suit you if you need to be away from your familiar surroundings and when you want to have medical assistance. This mostly happens when the addict has a questionable situation were coping with the daily environment becomes uneasy for him. The rehab center analyse the situation of the patient and provide guidance and medical help according to that.

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